Building Lives Around Sound Truth
A Non-Profit Organization

BLAST (Building Lives Around Sound Truth)

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Higher Learning:

      One of our many goals is to help the youth with their future. And this starts with their education. We offer after school tutoring for those who need a little extra help with issues in school. 

      We will also be helping those who are no longer in school prepare for their High School equivalent Diploma.

Fun Time:

     Not everything in life has to be hard, We want our youth to learn and understand that yes an education is very important, However, not to grow up too fast. Enjoy life. With this thought in mind, Blast will be Building a 4-Wheeler / motocross Park. Our Goal is to have:  Trails for the Family to enjoy, a small drag strip so that if bikes or quads want to race they can do so safely, a mud pit,  A Motocross track for the smaller kids, and one for the bigger kids. We will hold and stage events so that not only can they have fun, yet they can also win prizes. Start dates for this project are on the table now. It all depends on funding.

Vocational Certificate Programs:

      These are not to be confused with College credit programs, The purpose of these programs is to offer our youth some Skills training. When I was in School we still had vocational classes. And that is what we wish to bring back. So we will be offering several different courses, we will also be asking the youth what exactly they would like to learn as well. Some of the most popular areas are; welding, Small Engine Repair, Automotive Maintenance, and we are open to suggestions if anyone would like to teach a class.

Community Outreach:

      Blast has the opportunity to open a Community Outreach center For Lincoln County. We are planning on having two sides to this center. 1) will be temporary housing for abused women and children, or those who have found themselves in the midst of human trafficking, where we plan to help them get back on their feet and start a new life, the other 2) will be for anyone who finds themselves homeless due to finance, their home burns down, or mother nature destroys their home, or whatever the case may be. Now this Center will be a temporary placement. Will will help provide clothing and food to some extent.

Recreation Center:

     Blast has acquired a section of land in order to build a recreation center, not only for the youth, but for the community. Our goal is to build a 25,000 sq ft center, which will contain a full length basketball court, weight room, track, a relaxation room, showers for men and woman, racket ball or handball room, and so forth. We welcome your thoughts and Ideas on this future adventure.