Building Lives Around Sound Truth
A Non-Profit Organization

BLAST (Building Lives Around Sound Truth)

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Dedicated to Empowering the Youth of Lincoln County

BLAST is committed to changing the lives of the youth through self-empowerment. At the helm is Scott Philips, the founder and CEO of our nonprofit organization in Fayetteville, Tennessee. 

Hello, My Name is Scott Phillips. I am the CEO & Founder of Blast. I started Blast to help not only the at-risk youth, but any one who wanted or needed help. I once was an at-risk youth. I cried out for help and found myself sitting in a 6x9 cell for 13 years. Each year we see more and more at-risk youth. Everything from drinking, drugs, tobacco, fighting, weapons charges, and so on.. There is an underlying issue that we need to address. Part of that problem is these youth have NOTHING to do but get into trouble. Therefore, look through our website here and see the many goals that we have in order to change this problem. And please remember, we cannot do this without your help. So please Donate today to help us reach our youth of Lincoln County. Thank you,  Scott Phillips.

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